Joining the PCFA

To join the Pierre Chastain Family Association:

(1) Print and fill in this form.
(2) Write a check to PCFA for the dues ($20 for 2018 or $200 for lifetime)
(3) Mail completed form and check to Membership Chair, Carol Migdat.

(It’s also good to send an e-mail to Carol to let her know that you’ve mailed in your membership dues so she can be on the lookout for it. Carol’s e-mail address is

Mailing address:

Carol Migdat, PCFA; 708 Bodega Bay Dr, Keller TX 76248

Please print or type the information.

Date __________
Name First ___________ Middle __________ Maiden _______ Last (Surname) ___________
E-mail address: _______________
Home mailing address ______________________
Telephone Home________________ Cell ___________________

Circle one:

(1) Lifetime membership – $200
(2) Join for 2018 – $20 per year
(3) Renew 2018 – $20 per year

Include your genealogical information:

Name of your spouse (first middle, maiden, last)
List of your Chastain ancestors starting with your name first.

NOTE: To get to the printable version

Go to and click on the word Membership in the black box on the left of the home page. Slide your cursor over and go down to the membership form line and click it. (It will automatically open up in a printable format.)
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