2017 PCFA Reunion Registration

Dates: October 6, 2017 – October 7 – 2017
Location: Reunion: Louisville, Kentucky
(Downtown Hampton Inn)

Mail the following information and payment for the Saturday night banquet to Carol Migdat at the address below. Checks or money orders should be written to PCFA.

Your name ___________________________________

E-mail _______________ Phone ______________________

Mailing address: _______________________

How many people are you registering? ______________________

List names of all people you are registering, including yourself.
(Also write CHILD beside names of any children ages 12 or younger.


Saturday banquet: $40 per person (or $20 for children ages 12 and under.)

Total amount of payment enclosed: ___________

Mail to:
Carol Midgat – PCFA
708 Bodega Bay Dr
Keller TX 76248

NOTE: After you have registered for the reunion, to reserve a hotel room at the Hampton Inn in downtown Louisville, Kentucky, go to this link to make sure you receive the reduced room rate of $129 or $164 plus tax per night. http://group.hamptoninn.com/PCFA-Annual-Meeting
Or you may call 1-502-585-2200 to reserve a room.

Ordering Chastain Genalogical Publications

To order publications of the Pierre Chastain Family Association, complete the order form and send it with payment to Bonnie Wilkins at the address listed below. (Write the check or money order to PCFA.)

Also, please e-mail Bonnie to let her know that you’ve mailed an order so that she will be able to easily contact you when she receives your order to let you know when she puts the books in the mail. Her e-mail address is bonray717@yahoo.com

Bonnie Wilkins, PCFA Librarian
701 South 14th Street
Herrin, Illinois 62948


1. Pierre Chastain and His Descendants, Vol I, First Five Generations – $45.00 New Printing includes the Errata and Addenda (#2 below)
2. Errata and Addenda to Volume I – $20.00
3. Pierre Chastain and His Descendants, Vol. II, Sixth Generation – $45.00
4. Chastain Families of Manakin Towne and Pierre Chastain Revisited – $6.00
5. The Chestnut Tree, individual back issues, please specify issues: – $6.00
6. Little Otter to Lost River – Available on CD – $20.00
7. Blue Book Bundle: Volumes I (including the Errata), Volume II, and 1 Year Membership – $100.00

IMPORTANT: If you order the Blue Book Bundle, you also get a one year membership in the Pierre Chastain Family Association, so you will also need to complete the membership application listed below.


a) Mail your order to: Name, mailing address, city, state, zip
b) Your e-mail address and phone number (s)
c) List of publications ordered and price for each
d) Total price
e) Number of check or money order enclosed


Name (First, middle/maiden, last)
E-mail address
Mailing address: (Street, city, state, zip)

Genealogical Information:
Your surname at birth
Full name of husband or wife
Your Chastain ancestors (lineage)

FaceBook Group: Pierre Chastain Family Association

~ New Pierre Chastain Family Association FaceBook Group ~

Our new FaceBook group is set up now; it’s called Pierre Chastain Family Association. Check it out if you are on FaceBook, and join us.
The group is for all Chastain family members, even if the connection is many generations back.
(Also let any of your Chastain relatives know about our new FaceBook group.)


About the Chastain Chatter

The Chastain Chatter is an e-mail newsletter sent out to Chastain family members who are interested in family history, especially descendants of Pierre Chastain who was born in France in 1659.

The Chastain Chatter is an informal, friendly connection created to share family stories and memories. In the Chatter, you can also announce milestones (births, deaths, marriages, divorces, baptisms and religious confirmations, good news, etc.). You can also ask questions, send in information or news that may be of interest to the family, and announce Chsatain family reunions.

The Chastain Chatter is e-mailed to the Chastain Cousins and family members once or twice a month, mostly on Saturdays.

To subscribe, send a note to Karyl Chastain Beal at karylcb@gmail.com and include your name, city and state, and e-mail address. Write Chastain Chatter in the subject line to make sure your request is not overlooked.

To send a story or announcement or anything else be considered for a future issue of the Chastain Chatter, also contact Karyl at karylcb@gmail.com and put Chastain Chatter in the subject line.

The first issue of the Chastain Chatter was sent out on June 27, 2015. (It is free.)


Pierre Chastain Family Association at www.pierrechastain.com and
Chastain Central at www.chastaincentral.com

Joining the PCFA

To join the Pierre Chastain Family Association, you need to send your membership fee and the following information to J. Dee Chastain, who is our Membership Chair. (If you are also ordering publications, you can send one check to J. Dee for both membership and publications. Checks should be made out to P. C. F. A.

J. Dee Chastain
20122 S Highway 59
Siloam Springs, AR. 72761

E-mail J. Dee at jdchastain@centurytel.net for more information and to let him know you have mailed a check to him.


a) One year at a time – $20.
b) Lifetime membership – $200


Name (First, middle/maiden, last)
E-mail address
Mailing address: (Street, city, state, zip)

Genealogical Information:
Your surname at birth
Full name of husband or wife
Your Chastain ancestors (lineage)